In the Community

ULS supports many charities and organizations within the communities we serve. It’s our belief that if we plant the seeds of caring

great things will grow around us.



In celebrating their historic 30 year anniversary ULS was honored to complete the design and install of a serenity garden on the north side of the Calgary Food Bank building, which currently is the entrance to both clients and staff. This garden provides a place to sit and think of what was, what is and what is to come, and will provide everyone with a moment in time to just be. It is in these moments that we are all one and realize that there is nothing that separates us as human beings. Compassion, caring and the realization that there is no me without we will come to light when one takes the time to stop and really think of what matters.


The key element in the serenity garden is the custom designed pergola which will convey a special symbolic message to those that take the moment to stop and open their hearts. The three post pergola constructed of metal will suspend a roof that contains 30 laser cut stars and a large eye. Directly below the eye will be a compass that acts as the marker for the time capsule that will be lowered into the ground below the patio area.


ULS is a proud supporter of Grow Calgary and their initiative to provide fresh produce to Calgarians in need. Through ULS, Grow Calgary receives horticulture support and equipment to sustain their vibrant operation. Healthy, clean and nutrient packed food are a basic necessity to all of us. Together we can feed everyone!


As a supporter of the Dimestore Fisherman, ULS helps to connect with numerous charities across Canada. As a steward of the environment and an installer of green infrastructure, ULS stands hand-in-hand with all supporters of the Dimestore Fisherman to protect Canada’s water shed. Water is the essence of life. Join ULS in helping protect our future.


When Mother Nature shows her might, ULS stands tall. Whether it is the recent Fort McMurray wildfires or the major Calgary flood of 2013, ULS is there in full support. Equipment, man power, supplies or additional resources have been volunteered as ULS joins in the spirit that makes Western Canada great! Thank you to everyone that has given in these times of need.


ULS is an active member of the Saskatchewan Nursery Landscape Association and Landscape Alberta Nursery Trades Association. ULS currently resides on the board for Landscape Alberta and provides support to the industry through policy development and investment in industry governance. A strong landscape industry across Western Canada provides additional support for the environment and green infrastructure initiatives.